“I always strive for harmony.”

I am an eternal apprentice and a humble observer of life. I constantly discover the magic in everyday surroundings. Silence, the light changing, the sound of rain: everything around me offers inspiration.

I have not stopped drawing since I was a child. When I think about an idea, a new project, or even just a mundane task, I have a pencil and sheet of paper nearby so that I can capture concepts immediately.

I studied graphic art and photography in Padova, close to Venice (Italy). I have been working in the visual arts since 1999.

“Color is integral to everything I do. Brilliant colors let me express my deepest feelings and emotional states.”

Usually, in a design context, I apply passionate and warm colors. But it depends. There are times when I use soft tones. Everything has different needs, limits, and balance.

Whether we realize it or not, people who visit websites form views on the nature, quality, reliability, and value of the goods or services as a result of the colors used.

“Deciding which colors are best for clients in a world of changing expectations requires significant finesse and knowledge.”

I like to use blue hues because they project a professional image and authority. But, if you use blues without combining them with other colors, they may seem cold, conservative, and inaccessible. I often make blues warmer and more dynamic by adding reds and yellows.

When I am looking for new ways to use color and light, I like to visit artists’ websites. I always strive for harmony, and I try not to impose one color on the others.

Romeo Calonghi

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