Welcome to the NEW!
Today we are proud to launch the website and blog. Next, let’s take a look at the evolution through some screenshots.

They were other times and I was almost a child, as we can see in the details of the first images. There were no retina displays and you could almost see the pixels without zooming.

Here you can see for the first time the institutional colors, which represent the philosophy that encompasses the warm yellow represents the Sun, the blue alludes to freedom and the intensity of red corresponds to love. There is also a naming transition, from Reylogos to Reyarts.

Then, three representative icons are created, relating them more directly to those feelings.

This complementary iconography will be the aesthetic line of the future webs of

In the last images more precise menus are defined and two new logos of crowns are introduced. The design of the new web is responsive and has been created in WordPress.

Soon I will continue to introduce improvements to the site and I will add blog posts about reflections on graphic design and branding.
Thank you very much for reading and see you soon!

You can download reyarts wallpaper right here.

reyarts logo 2019

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  • Great web site, excellent design. Have you ever considered making the wallpaper available for download ? I’d love to put it on my phone… Keep the good work coming !

    • Thank you Ana! I would love to add a section soon with some goodies to download, such as wallpapers and fonts among others. Thanks for comment, greetings and see you soon!

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